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Nevada FID Licenses
CAD11424, CM10504

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The following Account Login will direct you to our secure online reports, available 24/7 and are in real time.

Management Companies & Board Members

The following Account Login will direct you to our new secure online reports. They are available 24/7 and are in real time.

Once you are set up in our system, you have full access to this easy to use tool. First, there is a summary page, listing all associations and the total # of accounts per association, an account summary page per association (summary recap of all accounts presently in our system), and a detail account page (2 properties per page) with even more detailed information.

You must check all the accounts on the summary page to print the entire list in detail format, or just the one or two that you want to check on.

You also have the ability to choose the sort by and sorting order. This allows you to customize the printed output by owner name, address, etc.

Board & Staff Education

HOA Collections LLC offers board workshops at no charge. We offer a collection practices workshop for new board members, as well as an advanced workshop covering topics as “How bankruptcy affects collections”, “How does the mortgage meltdown affect your budget and what you can do about it”, The new 9 month Superlien (AB204)

The same topics are available and tailored for staff workshops. Managers, Provisionals, Assistants, and accounting departments have found these workshops valuable in dealing with non pays, bankruptcy and foreclosures. A well educated staff helps management retain valuable clients by having defined procedures to deal with these collection problems, as well as answering questions from homeowners and board members.


NRS 116.4109(b) requires an information statement for resale packages. HOA Collections LLC has now instituted HOASCERTS, a free service to provide this required statement for all accounts in collection with us. Simply forward a current account history to hoascerts@gmail.com and within 24 hours, we will provide by either fax or email the statement in PDF format. This allows the managers to either print or upload the document to any of the document management services. By providing 24 hour turnaround, management has the ability to fulfill expedited requests.